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Office 365 HIPAA Compliant Products   If you are a health or mental health care provider or organization looking for HIPAA compliance then consider Microsoft Office 365’s powerful suite of HIPAA compliant products. The Latest Office Products Microsoft Office 365 provides all your familiar Microsoft Office applications, such as secure […]

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Ways Practices Can Protect HIPAA PHI In The Office

Best Practices To Protect HIPAA PHI Many health and mental health practices work with Protected Health Information (PHI) on a daily basis so it is important to know how to protect this confidential information because it’s the right thing to do, and because doing so is required by law. We […]

HIPAA Data Backup Services

HIPAA Compliant Backup Services Our HIPAA Compliant Backup services is a cloud based, offsite backup service that allows you to backup your private patient information over the Internet. We automate the process of backing up your patient data for you. This data is sent and stored securely in several redundant […]

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Switching from Paper Files To Electronic Files

Paper Files to Electronic Files : A Cloud Based Office is Easier Than You Think There are many benefits of moving your paper office to a paperless cloud-based office. Most notably your information is more secure. It is more simple than you realize with the latest advancements in technology. And by […]

HIPAA Compliant Email Services

We Want To Be Your HIPAA Compliant Email Services Providers   There are many HIPAA Compliant email services to choose from. We have chosen Microsoft Office 365 for its combination of HIPAA Compliant, high level of security, competitive pricing, and vast array of features. Microsoft is our trusted partner for cloud […]

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HIPAA Compliance Security Tool and App

From the website comes a new HIPAA Compliance Tool and APP. HIPAA Compliance Security Tool “The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) recognizes that conducting a risk assessment can be a challenging task. That’s why ONC, in collaboration with the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and the […]

HIPAA Compliance Checklist

HIPAA Compliance Checklist for 2014 We found a great HIPAA Compliance checklist for you that we’d like to share. Actually, it is more than a checklist-it is actually free software in checklist format that we found from the National Institute of Standards And Technology (NIST).  The checklist software, called the […]

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Is Skype HIPAA Compliant? A Secure TeleTherapy Alternative

VSEE Is A HIPAA Compliant Alternative to Skype Teletherapy At HIPAA Compliance IT we are very excited about the latest alternative to Skype . We have been using VSee in our secure cloud portal because of it’s military grade security, and ease of use. There are many other features we’d […]

HIPAA Compliant Texting with Tigertext

HIPAA Compliance and Texting with Tigertext Increasingly, health care organizations, and private practitioners are looking for easy to use, cost effective solutions to help them comply with HIPAA privacy and security guidelines. If you are needing to make your texts HIPAA compliant-then you should consider using Tigertext. At HIPAAComplianceIT we […]


The HITECH Act and HIPAA Compliance

The HITECH Act Increases HIPAA Compliance Challenge The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) was signed into law in February 2009 by President Obama. The act includes more detailed requirements for individuals and organizations related to HIPAA some of which are overlooked or not fully understood […]